Christian Bomberger

Born: December 8, 1813
Birthplace: North Cornwall Twp., PA (Lebanon Co.)
Death Date: November 6, 1858
Cemetery: ( Co.)
Marriage Information
Married: Mary Kreider
Date: September 26, 1839
Location: ( Co.)
Abraham Bomberger
Mary Bomberger
Anna Bomberger
Daniel Bomberger
John Bomberger
Catharine Bomberger
Tobias Bomberger

Abraham Bomberger
Anna Kreider


Obituary - Lebanon Advertiser

Pedigree Chart


"Christian was also the only child of his mother, Anna Kreider, daughter of "Jacob the Gelder," the first wife of Abraham Bomberger, who after her death married Elizabeth Kreider, daughter of John beyond the tunnel, by which marriage he became the owner and habitant of a part of the Kreider estate there, and is buried on the private cemetery on his farm. Where Anna Kreider Bomberger, mother of Christian, is buried we have not learned; but the Bombergers have taken good care of the legal papers of her ancestors, and to them we and other writers on Kreider history are greatly indebted for information." -Francis 7/10/1919 "Mary's husband was killed by a blast. He had lighted the fuse, the explosion delayed, and he went back to examine." -Francis 7/14/1919