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 Kreider Real Estate advertisement. 1976.  Meeting of bankers. Ethan Kreider second from right.
 Ethan Kreider certificate.  Ellis Kreider  Ellis Kreider in Campbelltown.  Harold and Ellis Kreider.  Ellis Kreider.  Ellis Kreider.  Rick Landis, Brian Landis, Tim Kreider, Jon Kreider.  Marian, Ellis, Ray, and Ruth Kreider.  Ethan and Esther's house in Campbelltown.  Ellis Kreider.  Ellis Kreider and other kids in fron of Herbert's barn.  Melvin Hock, Ray Kreider, Ellis Kreider, Howard Landis.  Marlin Kreider.  Marlin Kreider in front of the New York Public Library.  Timothy Kreider.  Marlin Kreider  Ruth, Harold, Marlin, and Ellis Kreider in front of their grandparents' home in Campbelltown.  Ray Kreider.  Marlin Kreider during WW2.  H. Ellis Kreider.  Marlin, Ellis, Ruth, and Harold.  Marlin Kreider.  Marlin Kreider.  Marlin Kreider and Francis Davis.  Marlin Kreider in London.  Marlin Kreider mountain climbing.  Marlin Kreider.  Esther Kreider, Pat Hollenbeck Kreider, Ellis Kreider, Ethan Kreider at the wedding of Ellis and Pat.  Ruth Kreider, Marian Kreider, Melvin Hock, Ray Kreider.
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