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 Augustus F. Pearse
258 W. 52nd St  Henry A. Pierce
Relation unknown  Back of Henry A. Pierce photo  Henry Pierce relation unknown  back of soldier Henry Pierce photo  Kembery relatives in Iowa  back of postcard of Kembery children in Iowa  Newton Woods School  1886
Nellie Bray Hollenbeck  in there somewhere  newspaper copy of 1886 Newton Woods photo  Bessie Kembery Keesler and Mary Kembery Williams  Charles Pearse relation unknown  Cousin Catherine Mary Pearse 
age 6 mo.  Hallie Keesler and daughters
Dec. 1957  Hollenbeck family
Percy, Ted, Mildred, Nell, Pearse  Hollenbeck farm on Decatur road  Ina Keesler with her parents on McKenzie Rd. farm  Lura (age7), Ted (age5) hollenbeck
1888  Nell Hollenbeck and her sheep  Nell Hollenbeck  Nellie Bray Hollenbeck
Decatur Rd.  Nellie Bray Hollenbeck  Newton Woods School ca.1913
Ina Keesler on pony  Newton Woods School unknown date  Newton Woods School 1946-1947  Newton Woods School 1948-1949  Newton Woods School 1950 or 1951  Newton Woods School 1956  Newton Woods School unknown date  Newton Woods School unknown date  Newton Woods school unknown date  Newton Woods school unknown date  Pearse farm in Wayne Twp., Cass Co., MI
Where Pearse Hollenbeck was born  Pearse farm Wayne Twp. Cass Co., MI  Pearse Hollenbeck (far right) in Kansas  Pearse Hollenbeck (far right) out west somewhere  Pearse Hollenbeck (on rock) out west  Mary Morse, Pearse Hollenbeck  Pearse Hollenbeck  Pearse and his mother Nellie Bray Hollenbeck  Aunt Bertha Bray (standing)
the baby is her daughter  probably Sarah Campbell  Sunnyside house on Decatur Rd.
Hollenbeck farm  Bill Bray, Ted and Nell Hollenbeck  Thomas Kembery father of Bessie Kembery Keesler  Bessie Kembery  Uncle Bill Bray, Uncle Frank Rice (uncle of Nell), Mildred , Nell  unknown location and people  unknown  William B. Hollenbeck (grandfather of Pearse)
December 25, 1918  Wyatt and Helen Hollenbeck
Ted Hollenbeck's half brother and sister