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 Several days old.  With mom.   Happy.  Alena, Nathan, Nick.    Halloween.  Birthday. Willy, Sharon, Jamie, Wendy, Nathan.   9-11-2001   At the Farm Show.  Wendy, Nathan, and Gert.  Renaissance Faire.  Renaissance Faire.  In grandma's backyard.  In grandma's backyard.    Baby Ellis and Nathan -
Christmas 2006  snow tunnel -
2/07  snow fort -
2/07  Halloween 2007  Anna-Kate and Nathan.  Playing Aggravation.  On shores of the Susquehanna.   With stalagtite.   At an old gravestone.  Mixing something.  With Grandpa.  In box with Anna-Kate.  Lifting.  At Middlecreek with the Snow Geese.  At Middlecreek with the Snow Geese.  At Dinosaur Rock.   On computer with Grandma.  With Adam Barnes.  With Anna-Kate.  At Little League World Series in Williamsport.  Rolling down hill with Grandpa.  Nathan landing in the pool.   On tracks near Hummelstown.  Painting in the garage.  Finished.  At parade in Harrisburg.  In front of play house.  With pumpkin man.  Pumpkins Nathan grew from seed at Jon's farm.  Helping in Dad's garden.  Nathan and Mom as scarecrows.  Snow angel.  Spiderman.  With Anna-Kate.  Thanksgiving.   At Palmyra track.  Tim and Nathan under water. 8/07  Watering the squash.  With Mom at Christmas.  With grandpa.  Anna-Kate and Nathan   With mom at a yardsale.  Playing Jon and Beth's piano.  At Knoebels.  Nathan and Wendy with their new glasses.  In Grandma's pool.   In Grandma's kitchen.  On a carriage ride in Mt Gretna.  With Mickey.  With Anna-Kate and bunnies.  Playing with the neighbors.  First Phillies game at the Vet.  Blowing bubbles.   With Bob on Skyline Drive, Virginia.     Painter.  Cowboy.  At the Farm Show.  With Nick Henry.  At Phillies game.     Pumpkin on Uncle Jon's farm.  Christmas.    With Nick  Working in the fireworks tent.  With Nick  In Nick's front yard.  At dentist.  Ice cream shop in Annville.  Ice cream shop in Annville.  Kindergarten.  Shooting bow with Bob.  On his bike.  Lenny and Nathan.  Nathan with a goat.  Nathan at a soccer game.  Blue Fish caught off the Delaware coast - 7/07  Nathan with the neighbors' dogs  Anna-Kate and Nathan.  Fishing at Memorial Lake.   Halloween 2008  Nathan after roller-blading. 5-2-10  Jaci and Nathan at Applefest. 10-3-10  Nathan with the kitten he found for the owner.  Second and first place finishers at Firehall Halloween party 2011.
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