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  With Nick  Working in the fireworks tent.  With Nick  In Nick's front yard.  At dentist.  Ice cream shop in Annville.  Ice cream shop in Annville.  Kindergarten.  Shooting bow with Bob.  On his bike.  Lenny and Nathan.  Nathan with a goat.  Nathan at a soccer game.  Blue Fish caught off the Delaware coast - 7/07  Nathan with the neighbors' dogs  Anna-Kate and Nathan.  Fishing at Memorial Lake.   Halloween 2008  Nathan after roller-blading. 5-2-10  Jaci and Nathan at Applefest. 10-3-10  Nathan with the kitten he found for the owner.  Second and first place finishers at Firehall Halloween party 2011.  Nathan and Ashes. 12/11  Nathan at the Pittsburgh Zoo.  At the Columbus Zoo.  At the Columbus Zoo.  Ripping boards off the front porch.  Learning to play guitar.  New hair color.  Getting hair dyed.  Getting hair dyed.  Getting hair dyed. Blue on top.  Wearing his homemade (by Wendy) Christmas sweater.  Nate working on a project.  New hairstyle.  Halloween 2015.  Soccer  Miss Werner's Kindergarten class.  Nathan in kindergarten.   Nathan in first grade.  Mrs. Blunt's second grade class at Northside.  Nathan in second grade.  Nate's first soccer team. 2005.  Nate's soccer team 2007.  Nate's first baseball team.  Third grade class of Mrs. Stewart.  Nate's coach pitch baseball team 2008.  Nate's soccer team 2008.  Nathan in third grade.  Nathan's year of coach pitch baseball.  Nate's 2007 basketball team.  Nate's 2008 basketball team.  Basketball 2008.  Nate building a top.  Mrs. Appleyard's 2009-2010 fourth grade class at Northside.  Nate's 2009 soccer team.  Nate's trip to the state capitol.  Nate's 2010 soccer team.  Miss Hoffman's fifth grade class.  Nate's 2009 baseball team.  Nate as an eleven year old baseball player.  Nate's final year of Little League. He led the league in home runs.   Nathan as a junior in high school.  2018  2018