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 Playing football as a sophomore. 10/31/80  In front of my apartment. 1993  Flag football. circa 1993  At Coakley's wedding.  Golf tournament - Brian Hoke, Jeff Henry, Kevin Coakley, Tim Kreider  Wendy and I  Looking down on the Susquehanna from Second Mtn.  Nathan, Tim, and Adam airborn at Shenks Park Hershey, PA  Lycoming County, PA  kayaking the Susquehanna.  Camping up in the trees.  Deer harvested during archery season.  My first archery deer in the back seat of my car.  Me and Bob on Skyline Drive, Virginia. Photo taken by Nathan.  Camping on an island in the Susquehanna.  In front of our camper.  Dad and I after he dropped me off to hike a section of the Appalachian Trail.  On the Black Forest Trail in northern Pennsylvania.   Baby shower at the State Library for the birth of Nathan. 1999. 
Judy Townsend, August Schwab, Susan Payne, Bob Divatore, Gene Smith, Claudine Smith, Daneta Gannon, Tina McClearn, Michelle Pavone, Dave Yanosik, Tim Kreider, Wendy Kreider  Skating on the quarter-pipe I built. 2005  On the quarter-pipe. Photo by Nathan.  On my Kawasaki 750 at Memorial Lake.  Successful turkey hunt Lycoming Co., PA  15  At one of my favorite spots - on top of Second Mountain north of Harrisburg, PA. 5-31-11  Rode the length of the rail trail from Stony Creek access point to Lebanon Reservoir and back.  Kayaking on the Susquehanna near York Haven dam.  Start of a 5K race at the Lebanon Fairgrounds. 9/27/14  Due to a lack of fast runners I was actually able to win first place overall in a time of 22:20.   View from Pinnacle Rock along the Appalachian Trail.  One week until I turn 52.  My first drone session. June, 2017  Flying the UAV in the backyard. June, 2017.  Archery hunting with Bob Hummer. Game Lands 75. Lycoming County, PA. November, 2017.  Tim Kreider. Kindergarden.  Mrs. Kreider's Kindergarden class. BACK ROW: Tim Kreider, Tim Lentz, TIm Gingrich, Mike Clark, Lisa Grudi, Tom Keefer, Tina Yoder, Joanne Alwine. THIRD ROW: Joe Riegle, Kim Gordon, Andy Kristich, Wendy Heck, Rich Hetrick, Julie Williams, Rick Dimeler. SECOND ROW: Brenda Smith, Linda Meyerhoffer, Tammy Goodyear, Tami Steinbauer, Brenda Arnold, Judy Hollen, Brenda Howard. FRONT ROW: Joel Kline, Terry Klinger, Mark Hoffman, Gary Painter.  Mrs Grumbein's first grade class. BACK ROW: Bob Baker, Eugene Howard, Karen Wise, Pauline, Donna Linebaugh, Lori Krick, Steve Long, Linda Frantz. THIRD ROW: Rich Hetrick, Tom Lehman, Teresa Long, Lori Acosta, Greg Gainer, Tim Kreider. SECOND ROW: Sherry Lewis, Greg Cline, Laura Richie, Tom Gillespie, Joe Reigle, Brian Matthews, George Anthony, Darrel Breen. FRONT ROW: Todd Bender, Tammy Goodyear, Linda Meyerhoffer, David Rothermel.  Mrs. Solomon's 2nd grade class. BACK ROW: Karen Wise, Bob Baker, Bob Bruce, Donna Linebaugh, Lori Krick, Jennifer Ramsey, Dawn Gray, Patty May. SECOND ROW: Greg Cline, Sherry Lewis, Greg Gainer, Lori Acosta, Rich Hetrick, Tom Gillespie, Tom Lehman, Ron Kane, Todd Bender. FRONT ROW: Dana Patrick, Lisa Snavely, Patty Beckwith, David Rothermel, Laura Richie, Tammy Goodyear, Darra Smith, Sharon Haldeman.  Mrs. Brown's third grade class. BACK ROW: Bob Baker, Karen Wise, Jennifer Ramsey, Donna Linebaugh, Lori Krick, Patti May, Dawn Gray. THIRD ROW: Tom Gillespie, Rich Hetrick, Holly Newburn, Greg Gainer, Kevin Hoffa, Patti Beckwith. SECOND ROW: Ron Kane, Laura Richie, Greg Cline, Tom Lehman, Sherry Lewis, Tim Kreider. FRONT ROW: Lisa Snavely, Brian Neeley, David Rothermel, Tammy Goodyear, Todd Bender, Dana Patrick.  Mrs. Light's fifth grade class. BACK ROW: Lori Montefusco, Patti Loy, Lisa Grudi, Mary Beth Klinger, Tom Fasolo, Tim Gingrich, Tammy Goodyear. THIRD ROW: Michelle McNiss, Tim Kreider, Fred Sheaffer, Randy Gingrich, Martin Bakalorz, Kim Gordon, Dean Snavely. SECOND ROW: Bob Baker, David Rothermel, Ken Early, Craig Hershey, Jesse Geiman, Joel Kline, Todd Bender, Tom Lehman. FRONT ROW: Debbie Cline, Cindy Faulke, Jennifer Lauck, Karen Schaeffer, Gary Painter, Jeff Yingst, Rod Brandt.  Palmyra Colts - 1976.  Midget football as an 11 year old.  Palmyra Colts - 1977. League Champions.  Palmyra Junior High football team. 1978.  Split end in eighth grade.