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 The hotel I stayed in while attending the ELUNA conference in Long Beach.  The beach at Long Beach, CA.  Long Beach harbor.  The Queen Mary is now a hotel.  Standing on the beach.  Heading north out of LA on the West Coast Highway.  Pelicans.  Cactus.  I did some hiking at Mugu Point State Park.  View of the Pacific.   Ventura harbor.  California Quail.  Long Beach, CA  View of the Queen Mary.  Butterfly.  Hummingbird.  LA County fire helicopter.  Mugu Point State Park.   Mugu Point State Park.  Looking down on the Pacific Coast Highway and the ocean.   Pacific Coast Highway from Santa Monica Mountains.  Lizard in Malibu State Park.  View of the coast.  Hiking through the Santa Monica Mountains.  Gulls and waves.  Squirrel.    My rental car.  Malibu State Park.  River in Malibu State Park.  M*A*S*H site in Malibu State Park.  Hindu temple.  A star in Hollywood.  Stars in Hollywood.  Hollywood and Vine.  Topanga State Park.