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 Can you find Nate?
Badlands N.P., SD  Badlands National Park  Bison on the road
Yellowstone  Yellowstone canyon  Corn Palace
Mitchell, SD  Crested Pool
 Devil's Tower
Wyoming  Prairie Dog
Badlands N.P., SD  White-tailed Deer
Custer State Park, SD  Deer
Custer State Park, SD  Young Bison
Custer State Park, SD  Crazy Horse Monument  Antelope
Custer State Park, SD  Bighorn Sheep (female)
Custer State Park, SD  Bison
Yellowstone N.P., WY  Bison crossing road
Yellowstone N.P., WY  Female Moose and baby
Yellowstone N.P.  Black Bear
Yellowstone N.P.  Grizzley Bear
Yellowstone N.P.  Elk
Yellowstone N.P.  American White Pelican
Yellowstone N.P.  Ground Squirrels
Yellowstone N.P.  Bison
Yellowstone N.P.  White-tail fawn
Grand Teton N.P.  Northwest entrance to Yellowstone
Gardiner, MT  Yellowstone River  Yellowstone River  View of Yellowstone canyon from Mt. Washburn  Old Faithful  Mt. Rushmore
South Dakota  Sylvan Lake
Custer S.P., SD  Grand Teton National Park  Grand Tetons  Giant Tortoise
Reptile Gardens, SD