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 Darren  Daulton and Tony Gwynn. Probably 1993. Veterans Stadium.  Graig Nettles throwing BP for the Padres at Veterans Stadium.  Tony Gwynn. Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia.  Sean Casey at Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh.  Ken Griffy Jr. Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh.  Cal Ripken Jr. Camden Yards, Baltimore.  Dodger batting practice at the Vet.  Fans hoping to get McGwire's autograph.  Frank Thomas at Comisky Park.  J.D. Drew and Tony LaRussa.  Kevin Brown    McGwire and Jack Buck    Paul O'Neil at Comisky Park   Ricky Henderson  Gary Sheffield   Jacobs Field, Cleveland.  Andre Dawson taking batting practice.  Eddie Murray.  Jacobs Field.  Mo Vaughn playing first for Boston.  A-Rod with the Mariners.  Robbie Alomar at Camden Yards, Baltimore.  Barry Bonds at the Vet.  Dusty Baker and (can't think of his name).  Barry Bonds.  Wade Boggs at Fenway Park.
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