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 Dogbane Leaf Beetles.  Bee tongue.  Swallowtail caterpillar.  Buffalo Leafhopper.  Buffalo Leafhopper.  Leafhopper.  Caterpillar.  Spider at game lands.  Ambush bug. Game Lands.  Scorpionfly. Game lands.  Scorpionfly with prey.  Wheelbug eating Ladybug. Backyard.  Spider on goldenrod.  Grasshopper. 2 stacked images.   Red-shouldered Stinkbug. Game Lands.    Jumping Spider. Back porch.  Fly.  Grasshopper.   Leafhopper nymph.  American Carrion Beetle.  A small fly with large eyes. Two stacked images.  Milkweed Beetle.  Planthopper.  Stink bug nymph.  Cross-striped Cabbageworm.  Cross-striped Cabbageworm.  Praying Mantis  Unidentified spider.  Unidentified spider.  Wasp. Several stacked images.  Twice-stabbed Stink bug.  Bumble Bee that was in the basement. 18 stacked images.  Bumble Bee that was in the basement. 13 stacked images.  Caterpillar from the garden. 3 stacked images.  Bumble Bee. 39 stacked images.  Fly with blue body. About 20 stacked images. 4/23/17  Side view of a fly. 4/23/17  Pedunculate ground beetle. 77 stacked images. 5/3/17  Some sort of green bee.  Pill bug. 26 stacked images.  Entylia carinata. It has no official common name.  Isodontia philadelphica. Iridescent blue-black wasp.  Either a Cocklebur Weevil or an Ironweed Curculio.   Fly.  Ambush Bug. 7/22/18