Waxing gibbous moon 4 days before full moon. 8-31-09
Two days before full moon. 9-2-09
Big Dipper - part of Ursa Major. 9-19-09
Big Dipper - part of Ursa Major. 9-19-09
Cassiopeia constellation. 9-19-09
Moon of 9/27/09. 15 stacked images
Full harvest moon. 10/3/09
Jupiter over Campbelltown.
Jupiter over our house.
Venus at the top. Mercury and Saturn below.
First star trail picture with a digital camera. Looking at the north star from our back yard. 10-20-09
Star trail from the back porch.
Our house with moon above.
Moon rising over Palmyra.
Moon in the morning. 4-13-12
Watching a storm from the back porch.
Star Trail from the field behind our house. 287 30 second exposures. 24 mm; f2.8; 400 ISO.
Stars behind the clouds. 9/14/13. 28mm f2.8 30 seconds iso 400 or 800.
Cassiopeia. 50mm; f1.7; 65 x 10 second images; iso 1600. 9/25/2013
Cassiopeia. 50mm; f1.7; 90 x 8 second images; iso 3200. 9/11/2015