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 Nathan at playground. 4-1-10  Spring day in Harrisburg. 4-2-10  Nathan's first real game of golf. 4-3-10  Backyard flowers. 4-4-10  Junco. 4-5-10  specks of light. 4-6-10  Evening sky. 4-7-10  Driving down 13th Street. 4-8-10  A book Nathan likes reading. 4-9-10  First lawn mowing of the year. 4-10-10  Adam and Nathan with a young Mourning Dove. 4-11-10  Soldiers Grove. 4-12-10  Nathan after baseball practice. 4-13-10  Night traffic. 4-14-10  Phillies receive their 2009 World Series rings. 4-15-10  South wing of the Capitol building. 4-16-10  Flyers lose playoff game. 4-17-10  Nathan at Holly Lake Campground. 4-18-10  Nathan hitting a baseball. 4-20-10  My pepper and tomato plants. 4-21-10  Cory and Bob waiting to tee off in Delaware. 4-23-10  Bob on hole 9 at Old Landing. 4-24-10  Nathan getting his scooter out. 4-25-10  Wireless router. 4-26-10  Nathan in right field. 4-27-10  Watching Nathan's game. 4-28-10  Going down the stairs. 4-29-10