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 Taking my break. 12-1-10  Eagles beat Texans. 12-2-10  Birthday dinner at Rising Sun. 12-3-10  At Dinosaur Rock after hunting. 12-4-10  Monday Night Football. 12-6-10  The floor under the old carpet. 12-8-10  Top of the  Nathan playing Call of Duty. 12-11-10  Croc full of chili. 12-12-10  New vacuum cleaner. 12-13-10  Linus and Charlie Brown on TV. 12-14-10  Passing cop car. 12-16-10  Lunch at Strawberry Square. 12-17-10  The Bstreetband at Hollywood Casino. 12-18-10  Miracle at Meadowlands II. 12-20-10  Nathan in top row. 12-21-10  Nathan at Walmart. 12-22-10  Hershey Public Library. 12-23-10  Christmas Eve at Grandma's place. 12-24-10  Christmas at Nan's place. 12-25-10  Nathan at Strawberry Square. 12-27-10  Waiting for an MRI. 12-28-10  Allen Theater. 12-29-10  Visiting Pap. 12-30-10