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 Josiah celebrates turning two. 4-1-11  Nate, Bob, and I playing Wii golf. 4-2-11  Mickey's grave. 4-3-11  Nathan in centerfield during scrimmage. 4-4-11  Making a point at Subway. 4-5-11  Watching the Masters. 4-7-11  Lenny as passenger. 4-9-11  Cal Ripken rookie card. 4-10-11  First day of jury duty. 4-11-11  Throwing out my old posters. 4-12-11  Throwing out some old jeans. 4-13-11  Cut up a leaking pond. 4-14-11  I was part of this hung jury. 4-15-11  Silhouette from Kindergarden or first grade. 4-16-11  Watched The Fighter. 4-17-11  Wild Grape Hyacinth. 4-18-11  Looking at lamps. 4-19-11  This swing drove the ball to the fence. 4-20-11  Computer room. 4-21-11  Sky over Palmyra. 4-23-11  Ellis and Nathan on bikes. 4-24-11  Watched documentary Restrepo. 4-25-11  Flyers beat Sabres. 4-26-11  Game at the Pool Field. 4-27-11  Old guitar amplifier headed to trash. 4-28-11  Royal wedding. 4-29-11  Unloaded scrap metal here. 4-30-11