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 Nate practicing his pitching. 7-1-12  Went out for Wendy's birthday. 7-2-12  Looking for food. 7-3-12  Ellis looking through a grate. 7-4-12  Nathan arriving at the fireworks tent. 7-5-12  Nathan at the Halifax tournament vs. Millersburg. 7-7-12  Corn along Hinkle Road. 7-8-12  Office snapshot. 7-9-12  News trucks on State Street Bridge. 7-10-12  Rain storm outside my office window.  Market Street snapshot. 7-13-12  Ashes on window sill. 7-14-12  Bob and Corey at Royal Oaks Golf Course.  Chair on back porch. 7-16-12  My bad left shoulder. 7-17-12  Ashes in morning sunlight. 7-19-12  Window. 7-20-12  Nathan on second vs Millville in Shamokin tournament. 7-21-12  Nathan pitching in Shamokin tournament. 7-22-12  Teams lined up during opening ceremonies for Haps Boyer Tournament . 7-23-12  Book shelves in the State Library. 7-24-12  McDonald's on Paxton Street after Nate's game. 7-25-12  Fourth and Walnut. 7-27-12  Ran the Fredricksen Library 5k (21:41). 7-28-12  Rt 322 and Rt 117 intersection. 7-29-12  Second Street in Harrisburg. 7-30-12  Nathan pitching against Elizabethtown All-Stars. 7-31-12