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 Nathan teeing off at Tree Top. 4-1-13  Discus throw. 4-3-13  New living room color. 4-4-13  Waiting to cross 2nd Street. 4-5-13  Canada Goose. 4-7-13  Parking space boundary. 4-8-13  Library patron. 4-9-13  Got my colonoscopy. 4-12-13  Trinity and Lenny on the couch. 4-13-13  Nathan does the water walk to raise money for a church project. 4-14-13  Broccoli. 4-16-13  Car driving by. 4-17-13  TVs at Sams Club. 4-18-13  Image found online. 4-19-13  Nate getting ready to throw the shot. 4-20-13  Red barns in Lancaster County. 4-21-13  Baseball practice. 4-22-13  Harrisburg service station. 4-23-13  Greek baklava gift from Mr. Papacostas. 4-25-13  Crossing. 4-26-13  Nathan places fourth in the discus at the Lebanon County meet. 4-27-13  Put the rack back on the roof. 4-28-13