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 Nate avoiding inside pitch. 5-1-13  Wall meets ceiling. 5-3-13  Playing Tree Top with Nathan and Bob. 5-5-13  Downloading Willmaker Plus. 5-6-13  Oil and water. 5-8-13  Nathan throwing shot at an invitational meet at Milton Hershey. 5-9-13  Track banquet. 5-10-13  Basketball net. 5-12-13  Sawed off trunk. 5-14-13  Bike ride near the turnpike. 5-15-13  Golfing Spring Creek with Pete Bonenberger. 5-17-13  Wolf Sanctuary of PA. 5-18-13  Foxglove in backyard. 5-20-13  Parking ticket on my car. 5-21-13  Nathan getting passport picture.  Baseball game at Keller field. 5-24-13  Working on lawn mower carburator. 5-25-13  Flower. 5-27-13  German meatballs and potatoes. 5-28-13  Sam Ziegler hitting the ball. 5-29-13  Joss, Ellis, and Nathan. 5-30-13  The pond. 5-31-13