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 Waiting for my chinese food. 4-2-15  Window latch. 4-4-15  Dug up this bottle in the backyard. 4-5-15  Nate as a freshman discus thrower. 4-7-15  Leaving Strawberry Square. 4-10-15  Spring flowers. 4-12-15  Neighbor Kerry gave Nate this guitar. 4-13-15  Nate got third in discus at Susquehanna. 4-14-15  Front of the capitol building. 4-17-15  Starting my seeds. 4-18-15  Nate and Sean working with wood. 4-19-15  New sinks at work. 4-20-15  Shot putters. 4-21-15  Time to change the water filter. 4-24-15  Nate using the router. 4-25-15  Hyacinths in backyard. 4-26-15  Nate throwing the shot. 4-28-15