This article constructs, using tax, naturalization, land warrant, and other records a list of Mennonites who settled in Lancaster County between 1704 and 1717. The first Mennonites to settle in Lancaster County arrived in Philadelphia September 23, 1710 on the ship Maria Hope. This group included Martin Kendig, Jacob Miller, Martin Oberholtzer, Martin Meili, Christian Herr and Hans Herr.

The author constructs a list, using existing records, of those who were likely Mennonite passengers on three ships that arrived in Philadelphia on August 24, 1717. It was reported at the time that there were 363 Mennonites aboard those three ships. The Hans(John) Kreider family is on that list along with a twenty four year old Jacob Kreider who is reportedly the nephew of John Kreider and Christian Schenk. The Kreider family as listed:

The author mentions that Jacob Hostetter's (age 23) wife is probably Anna Kreider (age 17), sister of Jacob and Michael Kreider. This would make sense since Jacob Hostetter and Jacob Kreider had a plot of land surveyed jointly. Why is Jacob's brother Michael not on the list of 1717 immigrants?

The author also addresses the question of why Hans (John) does not show up on any records before 1725 by saying: "According to his son, John Kreider, he was in Pa. in 1718, but he may not have come over until 1723 or 1724"

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