Tax List Index

Conestoga Township was part of Chester County until 1729 when it became part of the newly created Lancaster County. These are the "Kreider"s on the Chester County tax lists. This is how the data appears in Chester County's online tax index.

Definition of "landholder" - held land by lease or deed (PA taxed the occupant)

The Jacob listed is probably the nephew of John who owned land along Conestoga Creek next to Jacob Hostetter. In 1726/27 two Jacobs are listed. The second Jacob is probably John's oldest son Jacob who would have been approximately 24 years old.

Assuming John is the uncle of Jacob and immigrated at the same time, why is he not listed until 1725? The Ann listed in 1726/27 is probably John's widow.

I'm not sure who this Michael is. John's son Michael would have only been 11 years old in 1724.