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Tim Kreider purchased the home from Cathryn Breive 12/27/1994 ***** Alphonse and Cathryn Breive purchased the home for $1.00 from her mother Emma G. Horst 3/16/1961 ***** William P. Horst, husband of Emma purchased the land from Harry R. and Sara A. Wolfersberger 4/30/1931 ***** William P. Horst died 1/9/1935 ***** The house was built 1935 ***** Harry R. Wolfersberger purchased the land from Mary E. Stauffer 5/17/1926. Deed J6-532 ***** Mary E. Stauffer inherited the property when her husband Charles P. Stauffer died. Charles had inherited the property from his father Henry Stauffer who purchased the land from Philip and Barbara Wolfersberger for $387.18 11/1/1845. Neighbors mentioned: John L. Shaeffer and Jesse Richards. Deed G3-126.
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