Tobias K. Kreider

Born: December 14, 1842
Birthplace: Cleona, PA (Lebanon Co.)
Death Date: July 6, 1920
Cemetery: Covenant Greenwood Cemetery - Ebeneezer, PA (Lebanon Co.)
Marriage Information
Married: Celesia Kreider
Location: ( Co.)
Adam Kreider
Eva Kreider
Harry Kreider
Calvin Kreider
Elmer Kreider

Tobias Kreider
Maria Kreider


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"farmer, for a time on farm received from his father near Gingrich's Mennonite meeting house, but sold it and bought a small dairy farm on the Quentin road, a short distance beyond the city limits, being a part of the original "Kreider Settlement"; United Brethren." -Francis 7/17/1919