Jacob Kreider

Birthplace: ( Co.)
Death Date: 1819
Cemetery: ( Co.)
Marriage Information
Married: ? ?
Location: ( Co.)
Christian Kreider
Mary Kreider
Jacob Kreider
Elizabeth Kreider
Catharine Kreider
Joseph Kreider
John Kreider
Anna Kreider

Christian Kreider
Mary? ?


Jacob's Will

Pedigree Chart


Francis 7/28/1919 ... "Jacob Kreider, the son of Christian of the east end of the "Settlement" commonly called yet to this day "Jacob the Gelder," received from his father the western part of his lands, 108 acres, for it bordered on Christian's land to the west. In other words, Jacob's farm was the eastern farm of Henry Bomberger. Jacob acquired another farm in East Hanover township, Dauphin county. He is said to have become "quite wealthy." Jacob made his will Jan. 6, 1819, and it was probated Feb. 16, 1819, so we know very nearly the date of his death. The executors of his will were John Yordi, likely the Mennonite preacher, and Christian Bomberger, doubtless the Christian Bomberger, Sr., of the present Adam Hauch farm, and brother to Jacob's son-in-law, Abraham Bomberger. His children, as named in his will were:" -Francis 7/31/1919