Joseph H. Kreider

Born: January 23, 1841
Birthplace: ( Co.)
Death Date: July 26, 1919
Cemetery: Mt. Annville Cemetery - Annville, PA (Lebanon Co.)
Marriage Information
Married: Annie Catharine Buller
Date: February 23, 1864
Location: ( Co.)
Gideon Kreider
Emma Kreider
D. Kreider
Josephine Kreider

David Kreider
Sarah Henry


Obituary - Lebanon Daily News
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"a leader in church and society; a miller but a well educated and very intelligent man; bought his father's mill northwest of Annville in 1863, which his wife christened Clear Springs Mills, which he constructed in 1863, where he did a large business; had another mill at Penrythe, one of the founders in 1889 of the Millers' Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of Harrisburg, being its treasurer from the beginning; founder and publisher of The Annville Journal, begun in 1887; helped to organize the Annville Savings Bank and the Annville Water Co., and also the Box Factory, after three years located in Lebanon, of which he is president; United Brethren; 4 children, all graduates of Lebanon Valley College." -Francis 6/16/1919 **** Same Joseph H affiliated with the Dauphin Berks Turnpike? - v.13#3 Leb Co. Hist Soc.