Aaron S. Kreider

Born: June 26, 1863
Birthplace: ( Co.)
Death Date: May 19, 1929
Cemetery: Mt. Annville Cemetery - Annville, PA (Lebanon Co.)
Marriage Information
Married: Elizabeth Horst
Location: ( Co.)
Henry Kreider
Clement Kreider
Elizabeth Kreider
Nancy Kreider
Ammon Kreider
David Kreider
Aaron Kreider
Howard Kreider
Mary Kreider
George Kreider

David Kreider
Magdalena Shenk


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"He is a self-made man. Beginning as a grain merchant at Lawn, he gave business impetus to the place. He entered the shoe business, to which some of the Kreiders were turning a gentle hand, he carried it to large commanding proportions - five large factories at present, Annville, Elizabethtown, Middletown, Palmyra and Lebanon. We hope to have a separate write-up of the Kreider shoe business. He was nominated for the State Legislature, but a place opened for his calibre and he went to Congress. The fact that he has been returned again and again without opposition is sufficient comment on the nature of his service. His associates in Congress have placed him on important committees without him so much as lifting a finger to get the appointment. He was recently sent by Congress to visit the battlefields of Europe, from which trip he has just returned. ..." -Francis 6/19/1919