Martin Kreider

Born: February 14, 1740
Birthplace: ( Co.)
Death Date: November 14, 1826
Cemetery: ( Co.)
Marriage Information
Married: Anna Catherine Schmutz
Location: ( Co.)
John Kreider
Barbara Kreider
Christian Kreider
Henry Kreider
Abraham Kreider
Elizabeth Kreider
Catherine Kreider
Annie Kreider
Mary Kreider
Christina Kreider
Susanna Kreider
Martin Kreider
Tobias Kreider

John Kreider
Barbara Yordy?


Bio in History of UBC Church
Martin's Will

Pedigree Chart


Martin was a reverend. Much is written about Martin by Francis 7/17/1919. ... "So the four oldest children of Rev. Martin went to Franklin county 3 sons and 1 daughter, and that daughter married a Kreider. All had large families so that Franklin county should be pretty well leavened with Kreiders. But many descendants of these went on into Ohio and farther West." -Francis 7/24/1919 ... more written about him by Francis 7/28/1919