Jacob Kreider

Born: August 17 1771
Birthplace: ( Co.)
Death Date: February 17 1853
Cemetery: Kreider cemetery - North Cornwall Twp., PA (Lebanon Co.)
Marriage Information
Married: Mary Stauffer
Location: ( Co.)
Michael Kreider
Elizabeth Kreider
David Kreider
Joseph Kreider
Mary Kreider
Catharine Kreider
Susanna Kreider
Anna Kreider
Lydia Kreider

Jacob Kreider
Susannah Long



Pedigree Chart


"Jacob made his will in 1832, twenty-one years before his death, it being probated March 2, 1853. His son, Michael Kreider, was the executor. Michael was to receive the homestead along the Snitz Creek, which Jacob, Jr., had received from his father, and which is still owned by descendants. Joseph received a farm designated as in Lebanon township; it was west of Rocherty. David received a farm partly in Annville and partly in Londonderry, doubtless the farm now owned by David's son, Hon. A. S. Kreider. So Jacob Kreider, Jr., twentyone years before his death, was already owner of three farms." -Francis 6/12/1919 ***** "On the 12th of this month, in South Lebanon Township, Mr. Jacob Kreider, aged 81 years, 5 months and 25 days." - Deaths Reported by Der Libanon Demokrat, 1832-1864. Translated and Transcribed by Robert A. Heilman. February 25, 1853.