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 Baby Bear. 1988-2000  Tim and Bear. 1993  Scruffy, Mickey, and Bear. 1998  Scruffy.  Mickey 
circa 2004  Lenny Boy - 2005
 Lenny  Lenny  Mickey  Wendy, Lenny, and Moe. 12-08  Lenny  Mickey, 11 years old. Spring 2009  Lenny  Bear and Mickey  Scruffy  Fluffy  Lenny riding on my shoulders in the car.  Lenny -  December 2011  Ashes sleeping on Nathan. 12/19/11  Ashes in a box.  Ashes as a kitten.  Ashes on couch.  Ashes in the window.  Sissy. 12/18/12  Trinity. 12/19/12  Lenny - 2013  Lenny after a walk in the field. Summer 2013.  Sissy.  Trinity the Yorkie-Poo.  Lenny.  Lenny.  Lenny barking.  Trinity.  Sissy looking out the window.  Sissy.  Trinity after eating grass  Trinity and Lenny.  Trinity and Lenny.  Trinity and Lenny playing.  Sissy.  Sissy.  Sissy.  Sissy.  Lenny.  Lenny in the snow.  Lenny.  Trinity laying on the grass.  Lenny.  Sissy.  Sissy.  Sissy blending in with the scenery.  Trinity in the morning sun.  Sissy's silhouette.  Sissy.  Sissy in color.  Sissy without color.  Lenny. Spring 2016. Eleven years old.  Trinity. Spring of 2016.  Trinity. 2016  Trinity. 2016  Trinity. 2016  Sissy on kitchen table.  Lenny's nose.  Lenny on Christmas Day 2016.  Lenny on the step.  Sissy looking at something.  Sissy on kitchen table.  Sissy sitting  Trinity on Wendy's lap.  Sissy. 1/6/18  Trinity on the patio. 3/18  Sissy. 4/18  Trinity. 12/22/18  Trinity. 12/22/18  Lenny. 4/21/19  Lenny. 4/21/19  Lenny. 4/21/19  Trinity. Christmas day. 2019  Trinity. Christmas day. 2019