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   Red-winged Blackbird.  Yellow Warbler.  Female Cardinal.  Mourning Dove.   Flock of Red-Winged Blackbirds.  Belted Kingfisher.       Male Blue-Winged Teal.  Male Blue-Winged Teal.  Garder Snake.  Carolina Wren.  Snapping Turtle.  Snapping Turtle.  Snapping Turtle.  Canada Goose on nest.  Robin.  Painted Turtle.  Red-winged Blackbird.  Egret.  Egret.  Tree Swallow.  Mallards.  Towpath.  Carolina Wren.  Song Sparrow.  Song Sparrow.  Song Sparrow.  Song Sparrow.  Song Sparrow.  Blind.  Highway going over Paxton Creek.  Blue Heron.  Egret fishing.  Song Sparrow.  White-throated Sparrow.  Blue Heron.  Chipmunk.  Blue Heron.  Egret in flight.  Egret landing.   Green Heron.    Frog on the boardwalk.  Squirrel.  Blue Heron.  Blue Heron swallowing a fish.  Female Wood Duck.  Female Mallard.  Blue Heron.  Mallards.  Pair of Wood Ducks.  Young Canada Geese.  Catbird.  Robin with food.  Eastern Painted Turtle.  Green Heron in flight.  Canada Goose.  Coot.  Canada Goose.  Blue Heron watching for fish.  Catbird.  Blue Heron.  Female Wood Ducks.  Male Wood Duck.  Turtle. Wildwood Lake, Harrisburg.  Two Painted Turtles.  Female Wood Duck.