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 Our backyard. 1995.    Lots of rain.  Finch on birdbath.  Hawk on clothes-line pole.  Wren building nest in birdhouse.  Bluebird on birdhouse.  House Sparrow feeding young.  Our first birdhouse.  Iris.  Columbine.  Female Mallard in our pond

 House Sparrow in Lilac bush
 Mother House Sparrow feeding young  One of our rabbits.  Young House Sparrow  Feeding the young House Sparrows
 Bumble Bee on Coneflower  Young House Sparrow   The frog that lives in our pond.  Daffodil.  Pussy Willow.  Star of Bethlehem  Snowflake.  Baby Robin in Lilac bush.   Dianthus    A young Mourning Dove.  Water Hyacinth in the pond.  Grape Hyacinth  Ornamental Cherry Tree  Money Plant  Apple Tree  Apple Tree  Azalea   Hosta  Toad near the pond.  Azalea  Caterpillar on Lilac leaf.  Money Plant seeds.  Spider
 Clover  Young Mourning Dove.  Coneflowers.  Mourning Dove  Grape Leaf Skeletonizers  Flower from the groundcover that surrounded the pond.  Toad on Hyacinths in pond.  Toads mating in our pond.  Robin    Frog in the pond 2013  Frog in the pond 2013  Butterfly on Butterfly Bush.   Cherry tomatoes.  Holly berries.  Burdock.  spider on porch.  Anise Swallowtail caterpillar.  Thistle.  Bee or fly.  Cicada.  Cicada.  Cicada.  Picnic table.   New fence.   Blackbirds in the walnut tree.  Snow in February 2014.  Ice on the Holly bush.  Ice on everything.  Ice on the porch rail.  Ice on a fence.  House Sparrows building a nest in February.  House Sparrows building a nest in February.  Springtime wind and rain storm.  House Sparrows building a nest in February.  Mourning Dove on clothesline during a rain storm.  Mother House Sparrow.  Mother House Sparrow.  Father House Sparrow.  Mourning Dove.  Money plant flower.  May 2014.  New flower in the perennial garden.  Blue jay waiting to drop down to the feeder.  House Finch on the feeder pole.  Marigolds.  Bleeding hearts.  Peony.  House finch in lilac bush.  House Sparrow on lilac branch.  Swallowtail at butterfly bush.  Fritillary.  Fritillary.  Fritillary.  The perennial garden.  The perennial garden.  The perennial garden.  Ailanthus webworm moth.   Lichen on branch.    Bee on thistle. 8/1/2014.  Coneflowers.  Lilly.  Onions from the garden.  Fly in coneflower.  Chickadee.  Junco.  Nuthatch.
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