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     Pokeweed berries  Crown Vetch  Early Autumn morning. 11-07   Dandelion.  Mountain Laurel. Lycoming County.  Frost on leaves.   Butterfly Weed flower.  Maple tree.    In mom's garden.  Wild Geranium  Pine cone. Cape Henlopen State Park, DE  Jewelweed flower.  Butterfly Weed    Lilly of the Valley   Goatsbeard  Walnut hanging in the evening sun.  Rose  Crown Vetch     Pokeweed berries. Game Lands.   Queen Anne's Lace.  Clover flower.  Milkweed flower.  Hershey Rose Garden.  Roses at the Hershey Rose Garden.  Aster. Game Lands  Taken at game lands. Not sure what it is.  Part of the forrest canopy. Game lands 145.  Chicory.  Leaf.  Coreopsis.  Morning Glories. Backyard.  Black Raspberry. Game lands 145.    Just a closeup of a stem. I forget what type of plant it is.  Closeup of a leaf laying in game lands 145.  Closeup of a violet. 4/23/17  Violet. 4/23/17  Dandelion.  Raspberry.  Evening Primrose.  Sunflower.  Goatsbeard seeds. Backyard.  Dianthus. Backyard. Grown from seed  Nasturtium. Backyard.  Peony.  Thistle flower.  Thistle flower.  Zinnia.  Snap Dragon. Backyard.  Cosmos. Backyard.  Burdock. Backyard.  Gladiolus. Backyard.  Zinnia. Backyard.  Dahlia. It returned for a second year.  Red Clover. Game Lands 145.  Chicory.  Aster.  Pumpkins for sale.  Pumpkins.  Pumpkins.  Mums. Londonderry Village, Palmyra, PA.  Cosmos flowers in my garden.  Tulips. 4/22/19  Tulips. 4/22/19  Fleabane. 6/15/19  Fleabane. 7/4/19  Chinese Lantern Seed Pod. 8/16/19  Clematis. 8/16/19  Queen Anne's Lace. 8/16/19