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 Looking out my window. 2-1-10  Taking the back way to work. 2-3-10  Nathan doing Farmville. 2-4-10  Front of the Forum. 2-5-10  18 inches of snow. 2-6-10  Saints win the Super Bowl. 2-7-10  Stream in snow. 2-8-10  Beginning another full day of snow. 2-10-10  Had to shovel this path so I could go to work. 2-11-10  The path back home. 2-12-10  Rabbit tracks. 2-13-10  Drifting on 117. 2-14-10  View from 7th floor of Forum Place. 2-17-10  Nathan playing Ratchet and Clank. 2-18-10  Morning sky. 2-19-10  Time to have the oil changed. 2-20-10  Mural on Duncannon building. 2-21-10  Package. 2-22-10  Olympics. 2-23-10  More snow coming. 2-24-10  Nathan going to Nan's before school. 2-25-10  Screen saver. 2-26-10  A stop at the beverage store. 2-27-10  Map and hat in front seat. 2-28-10