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 My old MP3 player. 11-1-10  Night light. 11-2-10  New MP3 player. 11-3-10  Chicken corn soup. 11-4-10  Muddy and me. 11-5-10  Campaign sign. 11-6-10  My first visit to Starbucks. 11-7-10  View from Forum Place. 11-8-10  Lebanon County Recorder of Deeds office. 11-10-10  Turkey hunting on Second Mountain. 11-11-10  Wendy at Lone Star. 11-12-10  Watched the latest version of Toy Story. 11-13-10  Railroad Street Palmyra. 11-15-10  Getting dark earlier. 11-16-10  Turkey hunting in Lycoming County. 11-18-10  Bob, Corey, and I stayed here for three nights. 11-19-10  Bear hunting. 11-20-10  Unknown hunter harvested this 197 pound bear. 11-21-10  Capitol at night. 11-22-10  Trying to ruin the picture. 11-23-10  Wendy repainting the bedroom. 11-24-10  Jasci and the dogs. 11-25-10  Ellis and Nathan. 11-26-10  Eagles lose to the Bears. 11-28-10  Eating one of his crazy concoctions. 11-29-10