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 Nathan watching TV. 8-1-11  Outside the State museum. 8-2-11  Nathan and I at the bowling alley.  Dr. Endy's waiting room. 8-5-11  Golfing at Blue Mountain. 8-6-11  Changed barrels on the shotgun. 8-7-11  At the gas pump. 8-8-11  Lenny's fur. 8-9-11  Lights moving. 8-10-11  Fishing on the Susquehanna. 8-12-11  Watching South Park with Nathan. 8-13-11  Beginning of our golf vacation at Lykens Valley Golf Course. 8-15-11  Corey teeing off at Lykens Valley. 8-16-11  Following Bob through northern Dauphin county. 8-17-11  Hidden Valley golf course. 8-18-11  Cup of coffee at Twin Grove restaurant. 8-19-11  Phillies. 8-20-11  Living room. 8-21-11  An insect. 8-22-11  Felt my first earthquake. 8-23-11  Bathroom door. 8-24-11  T.K. 8-25-11  N.K. 8-26-11  Lenny. 8-27-11  My passenger. 8-28-11  Deer steaks on the grill. 8-29-11  Nate with a stray cat. 8-31-11