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 E-ZBorrow meeting at Dickenson College. 8-2-12  Nathan pitching against the first Palmyra All-star team. 8-3-12  My new running shoes and new stop watch. 8-4-12  Nathan standing on back porch. 8-5-12  Book I'm reading. 8-6-12  Ashes on pantry counter. 8-7-12  Windows Vista logon screen. 8-8-12  Light through screen and rain water. 8-9-12  Wendy and Nathan on boat tour of Penn's Cave. 8-10-12  Tim ready to pass Nathan at Del Grosso Amusement Park. 8-11-12  Waiting to run my first 10k (47:23). 8-12-12  Our recycle bin. 8-14-12  Nathan watching tv. 8-15-12  Sandwich truck on Walnut Street, Harrisburg. 8-17-12  Nathan at Tree Top Golf Course. 8-18-12  Nathan in the batting cage. 8-19-12  Par three at Cool Creek Golf Course. 8-20-12  Bob hitting par three at Pine Ridge Golf Course. 8-21-12  View of Susquehanna River. 8-22-12  Ellis and his chickens. 8-23-12  Field along the Quittapahilla Creek. 8-25-12  View north from the top of Blue Mountain. 8-26-12  Riding my bike through the development. 8-27-12  Driving by Reigle airport. 8-28-12  Turning left onto I-83 on way home from work. 8-30-12  Harrisburg snapshot along Walnut Street. 8-31-12