This is a practice website used to learn html

Number 6 size font

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This is just practice--
to see if I can create a website.

I will add some text so that I can use it to practice with and to manipulate as I learn how to write HTML code. I will write another sentence right here. I will practice using Italics and Bold Face type.
This is monospace typeface; where all letters occupy the same amount of space.
This is how you underline.
And I learned how to use superscripts and subscripts like in this example: H2O2.
Sometimes you just have to lower the price and cross out the old onelike this: $345.00
Font size can be changed from the smallest value of one to thelargest value of seven.
The default font size is "3".
The font color can also be changed.
You can also change color and size at the same time.
You can also change the font face. I am now using "Arial."

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Chapter Five

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Definition Lists

Philadelphia Phillies
A very bad baseball team
Philadelphia Eagles
A very good football team
Bulleted or Unordered Lists:

I always wanted to type an ä (umlaut)

words before     "Nonbreaking Spaces"     words after.

Chapter 6

You can visit The State Library of Pennsylvania An http site.
You can visit The FedWorld File Archive An ftp site.
You can email me at my email address
try this equipment link

Chapter 7

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Chapter 8

To see a gif file go to my equipment link

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