My practice XHTML page

This is enclosed in the address element
Tim Kreider
2907 Horseshoe Pike
Campbelltown, PA 17010
I guess it basically italicizes everything within.

Use of the "b" for "bold" font element as I'm using it here is discouraged. CSS should be used instead.

The "bdo" (bidirectional algorithm) element allows the author to specify whether the content should be displayed left to right or right to left. Like this.

The "big" element will enlarge the font by one size like this.

The element "blockquote" is used to block-off long quotations.

The following "body" attributes are not recognized in the strict DTD (they work in transitional):
link="", alink="", vlink="", background="", bgcolor=""

The "center" element that I used at the top of this page to center "My practice XHTML page" is not recognized in the strict DTD.

The "cite" element is used to indicate a citation. It italicizes things.

The "code" element is used to enclose sample code.

The "del" (deleted text) element is used to display content as though it were struck through.

This is written in default font size of 1.This is size four. This is size six. These changes were made using the "font" element and the "size" attribute. However, it is supposed to be easier to do this using CSS.

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