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Descendants of Henry K. and Katie R. Kreider

 Ethan Kreider in front row on the far right.  Ethan Kreider  Esther Kreider holding unknown infant - probably Marlin.  Unknown child.  Back row: Marian, Ruth, Marlin, Harold, Ray, Ellis. Front row: Ethan Esther Kreider  Marlin, Marian, Ethan, Ray, Ruth, Harold, Ellis, Esther seated.  Ethan, Ray, Marlin, Ellis, Harold, Esther. Seated: Ruth, Marian.  Ethan Kreider family.  ?, Esther Kreider, Ethan Kreider, one of Esther's brothers  Ethan and Esther Kreider  Ethan Kreider  Esther Kreider in her room at Messiah Village.  Marlin Kreider  Marlin and Ellis Kreider.  Marlin Kreider and three friends.  Marlin Kreider  Marlin Kreider  Marlin Kreider in spelunking gear.  Marlin Kreider in a cave.  Marlin Kreider, Mary Kreider, Katie Kreider  Marlin, Ellis, ?, Harold, ?  Marlin Kreider with his mountain climbing gear.  Marlin Kreider and Elin Saunders Kreider.  Marlin Kreider and Elin Saunders Kreider.  Marlin Kreider and Elin Saunders Kreider.  H. Ellis Kreider  Front row: Beth, Pat, Nathan, Ellis. Back row: Jon, Wendy, Tim.  Front row: ?, ?, Ruth. Back row: ?, Harold, ?  ?, Ruth, ?  Ruth and Marian.  Ruth Kreider with unknown children.  Elsie and Harold.  Harold holding Kevin. Maynard in the back.  Harold Kreider( holding Kevin) and  Elsie.  Ruth and Howard Landis with Rick, Brian, Lisa, Zachary, and Daulton.  Ruth and Howard Landis.  Harold Kreider  Front: Susan, Harold, Kevin, ?, ?. Back: Esther, Ethan, Elsie, Mary, ?  Kevin, Susan, and Mark Kreider.  Front: Max, Mikayla, Harold. Back: Kevin, Valerie, Susan, Bob, Elsie, Mark, Andy, Sarah, Alex.  Ray Kreider  Marian Kreider  Michael, Merle, and Maynard Hock.  Melvin Hock, Ray Kreider, Ellis Kreider, Howard Landis.  Marlin Kreider  Ruth, Marlin, Harold, Ellis Kreider  Ray Kreider  Marlin, Ellis, Ruth, and Harold Kreider.  Rev. Henry K. Kreider performing a baptism on his farm south of Campbelltown. Probably in the 1940s. The creek was dammed for the baptism.
 Catherine Rice and her grandson Herbert Kreider. Catherine is holding Kathryn Anne.  Herbert Kreider reading his Bible.  Mary Kreider at Sikalongo Mission (Southern Zambia) February 1940.

   Mary C. Kreider. Detroit, September 1942.

   Mary Kreider with  Nancy Kreider  Nancy Kreider  Cover of the memorial service folder for Henry K. Kreider.  Barbara and Gene Nissley's wedding at the Palmyra Brethren in Christ Church.